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1/5/2024 Movies and More Movies

I've had a lucky slew of successful auditions, resulting in lead and supporting roles in 5 movies since October!  Seven films I've done in the past two years remain in post-production.  They are:

Bleed, Directed by Ben Senior, for which I drove a police cruiser, even operating the lights.

The Masseur, Directed by Nikita Khripach, my role for which required total nudity. (A first for me.)

The Apollonian Dogmatist, Directed by Sam Litton, for which I endured freezing exterior scenes.

Rushed Ending, Directed by Jacob Orloff, which was a hell of a lot of fun.

No Choice, Directed by Nathan Hilgartner, for which I signed an NDA and can say nothing except that the script was wonderful.

Pancakes & Syrup, Directed by Robert Cividanes, a cross-country, road-trip, buddy film.

Creeping Death, Directed by Matt Sampere, featuring the most gruesome movie death I've ever had the pleasure of bringing to, um, life...

Ballet Mécanique Reimagined: An Experimental Fusion of Film, Sound, Dance, and Music Celebrating 100 years

2023 is the centennial of the release of Ballet Mécanique, an experimental, largely animated film by Fernand Léger and Dudley Murphy.  In commemoration of such, Binghamton University Departments of Theatre, Cinema, and Music have combined forces to create a spectacle of newly-composed Dance, Music, and Cinema, to take place at Spool Contemporary Arts Space, 138-140 Baldwin St., Johnson City, NY 13790, on First-Friday, May 5th, at 7:00 PM.  The show begins at 7:00 PM and will be walk-through, installation style. It is free and open to the public.  The production is partially underwritten by Harpur Edge and will include a catered reception.


Graduate students of Music Professor, Dan Davis, have composed music emulating the live accompaniment that embellished the original silent film.  Students of Cinema Professor, Ariana Gerstein, have created stop-action animated films, which will be projected directly onto the bodies of the dancers of Binghamton University Artist-in-Residence, Andy Horowitz's Ballet Mécanique, Dance Journey class. Cinema Professor Monteith McCollum's students will improvise live sound-scapes.  There will also be smaller, sideshow-style installations: a self-powered Zoetrope, enormous kaleidoscopic mirrors. and a hand-cranked, magical zoetrope skirt.  An immersive experience, Ballet Mécanique, Reimagined: An Experimental Fusion of Film, Sound, Dance, and Music Celebrating 100 years revives the chaos of the original film and of the post-Cubist movement of the early 20th century.

Galumpha to Perform to Benefit the Ithaca State Theater, May 17, 2023

The State Theatre of Ithaca Presents:

Benefit My State Variety Show

A sampling of what The State Theatre offers and the stories behind why this building truly matters...

Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

7:00pm Showtime

Featuring Performances By:

Sam Nelson of XAMBASSADORS, Richie Stearns and Friends, The Ithaca Ballet, Running To Places, Galumpha, Southside Community Center's CUMEP, and MORE!

For over 90 years, The Not-for-Profit State Theatre has been an iconic part of Downtown Ithaca’s vibrant arts scene. From our family & movie series to world-class touring musicians, comedians, and entertainers, The State Theatre has been enriching our community since 1928.

The reality is… The cost of running and maintaining this beautiful theatre greatly exceeds income from ticket sales, sponsorships and rental income.

Join us for the inaugural "Benefit My State Variety Hour" and enjoy a small taste of the many flavors your State Theatre of Ithaca has to offer. *ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT YOUR 501-C-3 Not-For-Profit State Theatre of Ithaca*

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