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BLEED, Short, Supporting role of OFFICER MURPHY, Directed by Ben Senior, Mexico, NY, Currently in Production


The Masseur, Short, Supporting Role of MICHAEL, Directed by Nikita Khripach, New York City, Currently in Post Production


The Apollonian Dogmatist, the Dionysian Fool, Lead Role of OLDER GENTLEMAN, Directed by Sam Litton, Ithaca, NY, Currently in Post Production


Rushed Ending, Lead Role of BOBBY, Ithaca College Senior Thesis Short directed by Jacob Orloff, Groton, NY, Currently in Post Production


No Choice, Feature, Supporting Role of DR. KRIPPS, Directed by Nathan Hilgartner, Lansing, NY, Currently in Post-Production


Pancakes & Syrup, Feature, Supporting Role of MR. STEVENS, Directed by Robert Cividanes, New York City, Currently in Post-Production


Creeping Death, Feature, Supporting Role of MR. BROWNSTONE, Directed by Matt Sampere, Lafayette, NY, Currently in Post-Production


Lady Chokey Presents Scary Stories, Segment “Waking,” Lead Role of DAD, Directed by Eli Schwartz, Ithaca, NY, 2022,


No Regrets, Ithaca College Student Film, Lead Role of MARIO, Directed by Stephon Rodriguez, Ithaca, NY, 2022


Better Dead Than Red, Ithaca College Student Film, Lead Role of ENFORCER, Directed by Seth Sanford, Ithaca, NY 2020


Success, Short, Supporting Role of the TREASURER, Directed by Scott Danzig, Binghamton, NY, 2019


Astray, Short, Supporting Role of CHEMISTRY MENTOR, Directed by Benjamin Patch, Binghamton, NY, 2018


Kindhart, Short, Lead Role of KINDHART, Directed by Matthew Soule, Syracuse, NY, 2017


Thero, Short, Supporting role of GUARD, Directed by Nicholas Ladouceur, Johnson City, NY, 2017


In Glass Houses, Short, Lead Role of SELF, Directed by Ariana Gerstein, Binghamton, NY, 2016


House on Ghost Hill Road, Feature, Lead Role of SOLOMON GREY, Directed by Ted Nappi, McDonough, NY,  2016


Leroy Street Dancing with David, Animated Short, Lead Role of SELF, Directed by Ariana Gerstein, Binghamton, NY, 2015


The Traffickers, Feature, Supporting Role of AGENT CLARK, Directed by Christopher Keeler, Binghamton, NY, 2013


Happy Hour, Short, Supporting Role of 1970’s FRIEND, Directed by Gretl Claggett,

New York City, 2013


Albertine, Short, Lead Role of BRASSARD, Directed by Eliane Lima,

Binghamton, NY, 2012


Protest, Feature, Lead Role of the UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT, Directed by Ryan Camarda, Binghamton, NY 2012


Demon Messenger, Feature, Lead role of OWEN, Directed by Ted Nappi, Chenango Forks, NY, 2012


The Dream, Short, Lead Role of STATION MANAGER, Directed by Paul Goughary, Binghamton, NY 2010


R.A.E., Short, Lead Role of RAE, Directed by Casey Puccini,

Binghamton, NY, 2009,


Circus Envy, Binghamton University Student Film Short, Lead role of SCIENTIST, Directed by Jesse Rittenhouse, Binghamton, NY, 2009


Elsa’s Plums, Feature, Lead Role of AJ, Directed by Tsvi Bokaer, New York City, Production Incomplete and Not Released, 2005

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