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Artist in Residence

Binghamton University Department of Theatre, 1992-Present

  • Mentor Binghamton University students, especially regarding careers in entertainment

  • Cite my relationship with the Binghamton University Theatre Department on theatrical programs

  • Give preference to Binghamton University students and alumni in hiring performers and production managers

  • Perform at Binghamton University fundraisers

  • Create alumni events around key performances

As Co-Founding Director of The Second Hand Dance Company, 1987-2002, and of Galumpha, 2002-Present, I have hired Binghamton University students and alumni as performers and production managers when possible.  Many of them remain in the performing arts industry.  They include, as Performers:

Cannonball Program 2-3 Low-Res.jpg
  • Greg O'Brien, 1986

  • Nori NkeAka, 1987

  • Marlon Torres, 2002

  • Erin Stanley, 2009

  • Vivake Khamsingsavath, 2009

  • William Matos, 2010

  • Emiko Okamoto, 2013

  • Gil Choi, 2016

  • Jennie Codis, 2019

and as Light Designers and Production Managers:

  • Aaron Copp, 1987

  • Howard Klein, 2002

  • Andrew Blais, 1990

  • Josh Legate, 2014

  • Heather Burton, 2015

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